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Your Debt Action Plan uses modern banking principles to quickly eliminate debt and build wealth. Rather than focusing on diminishing your lifestyle to get out of debt, this strategy shows you how to significantly reduce the interest you pay, reduce your tax burden, and build wealth in a way that creates tremendous cash flow during retirement.

It's not magic, it's just math combined with a few incredible strategies that can significantly change your lifestyle over time.

Step 1: Identify Inefficient Payment Strategies

During your free discovery session, you will work with your debt specialist to get a snapshot of your basic financial situation. After entering in all your financial data, our software charts the plan for us. The first thing it does is identify areas where your income is not being used in the most efficient way and the system will redirect that money to make it more efficient.

Step 2: Make Minimum Payment to all Debts

Only minimum payments are made to all your debts moving forward and each debt will be paid off in a lump sum at the appropriate time.

Step 3: Build Up Cash Value in Your Own Bank

Next we will take inefficient payments identified in step one and redirect that money into your own bank that you will create with your debt specialist. One of the major components of this Debt Action Plan is a uniquely designed life insurance policy. We use life insurance to take advantage of many favorable tax codes as we pay down your debt and build your wealth. As we fund the insurance policy each month we build up cash value all along the way making your money work twice as hard.

Step 4: Take Out Policy Loans to Pay Off Debts

The insurance company allows you to borrow money against your death benefit, based on the cash value in your policy. The action plan will tell you exactly when to take out a policy loan to pay off your first debt. As your first debt is paid off, use that freed up money to increase your cash value in your policy.


Your money will now be accomplishing two things at the same time for you. Your inefficient dollars can cancel debt and grow wealth simultaneously! That concept is at the core of this strategy.

The Discovery Session

Schedule a free discovery session with your Debt Action Plan specialist using the calendar on this page.

The purpose of the discovery session is for you to determine if the system will be a viable solution to your debt situation. We take an educational approach during this session. So come relaxed and ready to ask any questions you’d like, there is nothing for sale.

Here is what we will accomplish on this first meeting:

  • Discover exactly when you will have all your debts paid.
  • Find out how much money you will save.
  • Receive a customized Debt Action Plan report.

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